Cammy from “Street fight” has lost another one fight and now she is chains and ready to be fucked by anyone who comes around!

Street Fighter Hentai

We carry on with Street Fighter wild vaginal, oral and anal penetrations and a few hot three-way fuck episodes to top it all… Street Fighter hentai erotic drawing characters fuck like rabbits: it’s the first time you see them like that excited and craving sex… Check out the hottest heroes from Cammy cartoon getting nude and in the way that you have never seen before …

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  1. evandro says:

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  2. Street Fighter XXX says:

    “Kneel,” Juli commanded as Cammy kneeled before her, too broken to do anything else. Cammy was now dressed in a light blue outfit which was part thong leotard and part turtleneck sweater that had the rear and crotch area torn off, a matching garrison cap, red gloves and armbraces, brown leather boots, and a yellow necktie. The only difference was the fact that Cammy had a leash around her neck connected to a collar. “I trained her well,” Juni mused as she watched from the other side of the room. “Open your eyes, pet!” Cammy opened them and saw Juli standing in front of her. Juli’s legs were slightly spread, she was wearing a thick, black turtleneck sweater leotard covering her body. It had a thong behind the thin material nicely separating her nylon covered behind. A short, yellow necktie was worn around her neck. She also wore a black garrison cap on top of her brown hair which was perfectly styled in a bun, and her hand holding the other end of the leash. “I want you to watch me strip. I want you to look at the body you are going to worship from now on. You are going to lick my breasts, and suck my pussy, and use your mouth to please me any way I desire,” continued Juli as she pulled on Cammy’s leash. She then leaned down and kissed her, thrusting her tongue deep into the girl’s mouth. “Do I make myself clear?” “Yes,” Cammy mouthed as Juli stood above her. “Yes what, pet?” “Yes Mistress,” Cammy spoke as she cast her eyes down to the floor in submission. She didn’t know if that was what Juli wanted to hear, but she did say it to Juni on numerous occasions previously. Juli smiled, “That’s better, we’ll make you into the perfect little lesbian love slave yet. In fact, when Juni and I are done with you, you’ll be perfect. Now, hold onto your leash for a minute.” Cammy took her leash in her hands as she knelt before Juli. “Remember, I want you to pay attention to my body, I want you to begin to learn all my curves and crevices.” Juli said as she slowly and sensuously stripped her uniform. Juli decided to take her seduction further, she turned around, bent over and started to shake her sexy butt in front of Cammy.“She has a juicy ass as well just like Mistress Juni,” Cammy thought as she gazed upon her mistress who stood before her in her black lingerie, for Juli was wearing black stockings and black panties to go with her black garter-belt. Juli walked right up to the girls face and said, “Smell me, slut, I want you to know my scent.” Juli’s crotch was right in Cammy’s nose, the girl sniffed and smelled the musky scent of Juli’s pussy. “You make me hot and wet, I can’t wait for your tongue to be inside me.” Juli took a few steps backward as she removed her panties from beneath her garter by quickly unhooking and rehooking each garter strap. “Do you see my pussy?” Juli asked when she was done. Cammy looked at the triangle of brown hair, she could barely see the top of the woman’s pussy lips. “I asked you a question, slut!” “Yes, Mistress,” Cammy answered. “Do you want to suck it?” Cammy looked down and didn’t answer right away. “There really is only one answer to this question for a slutty lesbian like you!” Juli growled. “So do you want to suck on your Mistress’s pussy, the pussy you are going to worship, the pussy you will fall asleep dreaming about, the pussy you will wash and take care of?” “Yes, Mistress,” Cammy sobbed with tears in her eyes, she was crying for what she had become so quickly, for although she felt humiliated and beaten, she did want to suck Juli’s pussy. “Good,” Juli said as sat on the edge of the a steel chair. The doll spread her legs and said, “Crawl over here and hand me your leash, pet.” Cammy inched over on her knees until she was kneeling between Juli’s legs. She then handed Juli her leash. “Good slut,” said Juli as she patted Cammy’s head patronizingly. Cammy said nothing as she gazed upon Juli’s sex. “See how it glistens for you, I am very wet for you.” Cammy looked at the moist skin of Juli’s sex. “Come and get a real close look. Come closer so you can smell me. Come closer. Closer. Closer. CLOSER!” Cammy leaned in, until Juli’s pussy was mere inches from her nose. “What do you think of my pussy?” “It is very wet, Mistress,” Cammy answered meekly. “I want you to kiss it, gently, lovingly, and slowly.” Cammy leaned in slowly, puckered up her lips and kissed Juli’s pussy gently. Juli watched as Cammy placed her mouth on her sex. This was a dream come true, for it was something that she dreamed of when Bison had informed her that she could do anything with Cammy once she was captured. Cammy kissed Juli’s clit next as Juli felt a rush from her pent up sex. Juli leaned her head back and moaned, dreaming of what Cammy would be forced to endure at the hands of herself and Juni, but most importantly, Bison. Cammy kissed the right side of Juli’s sex. The British girl felt the muskiness of Juli as it drenched her face. She then kissed the other side of Juli’s sex. Juli wrapped the leash of her pet girl tighter in her hand and used it to bring the girl in tight against her pussy. “Now, slut, start licking my pussy.” Cammy stuck her tongue into Juli’s sex and started to lick. “She’s not very good,” thought Juli, “But she will be the best cunt licker around when I’m done with her.” Soon Juli was climaxing on Cammy’s face and driving her tongue deeper into her sex. “All right, slut. I’m in the mood for licking your pussy!” she said, getting down on the floor so they could sixty-nine. Right away Juli began to lick and suck at her pet’s clit, moving down to her inner folds. Bringing her fingers up, she jammed them in alongside her tongue, roughly stroking and fingering every inch she could. At the same time Cammy ate her out with the same enthusiasm as before, moaning deeply as she did. Pressing her hips down harder, Juli lifted up a bit a smacked the woman’s clit hard, making her yelp. The shock of it was enough to make both cum at the same time.

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